Design and project management of pools in concrete

Of all the works we design & manage, building concrete swimming pools is probably the most exciting in terms of its impact.  But it's an exacting process with little margin for error. It must be properly executed and that's where experience comes to the rescue. We don't build pools ourselves but just like all our project management services, we know the best people that do. We can design your pool, terrace and amenity spaces as one composite design and then deliver it to you finished. Ready to swim. And that's good for you because it removes the hassle of fragmenting the works across different suppliers. Just one plan, one project manager and one guranteed solution.

Only concrete, only traditional, only the best

We design, manage and build only pools in concrete and only those built by contractors that follow the traditional block method. No gimmicks, short cuts and cost saving tricks. It takes longer, lasts longer and looks better. That's why there's a world of difference between quotations. You'll pay a little more and get a lot more with a renosud concrete pool, because we insist on and deliver only the best pools you can build.


"Experienced contractors who understand concrete."