The practical property inspection.

Have you ever wondered why there isn’t an of army building surveyors in the south of France churning out wordy property survey reports when it's a huge business in the UK?

The French believe that the best way to evaluate a building and it's liabilities is not to end up with a ‘wordy’ report full of standard paragraphs and clever insurance cop-outs, but to have an experienced French builder inspect it and give you straight talking practical advice. We agree. 

A lost practice - driven out by insurance

What a shame that the insurance industry has ruined what used to be called "giving good advice". Nowadays professionals in all walks of life are less likely to give helpful advice under threat of being legally attacked. That's why many 'property surveys' have become practically useless paper reports loaded with standard paragraphs and indemnity insurance cop-outs. 

Insight™ - a return to direct talking and best advice

A renosud insight™ property survey is a return to professional advice given in good faith, just as it used to be. There's no expensive insurance cost we have to pass on and we are free to be direct and frank without needing to tip-toe through legal caveats. In return you get valuable practical advice you can depend on. We'll guide your buying decision with sound advice based on years of demolishing, rebuilding and renovating hundreds of properties.

Arm yourself with practical insights before you buy

If you are looking to buy a property in the South of France and need a property survey a renosud insight™ property survey will arm you with the practical advice, good or bad, that you need to know before you sign on the dotted line.

Your video property survey - what do you get?

When you chose an Insight™ property survey we will assess the building structure and condition using highly experienced French contractors and our own building project managers. We'll help you understand the building and its liabilities. It's a careful inspection and we'll be looking for the tell tale signs of issues you should note. Remember, renosud and it's team demolish, modify and renovate buildings every day of the week. We already know where problems are likely to be hidden.

The property survey inspection team

  • The inspection team comprises one experienced contractor and up to two renosud project managers
  • The contractor is usually a structural builder or concrete engineer with wide knowledge of structural issues

Unique multimedia format with video and podcasts

Your report is a unique multimedia format. There's no written documents because creating formatted written documents takes too much time and detracts from the dynamic content. The main reason existing 'surveyor reports' are written is to make sure it's carefully worded to protect the insurance company by using standard paragraphs and a strictly supervised text based structure. By focussing on video, podcasts, photographs and real talk-time we can concentrate on the findings not a "big thick" fancy report peppered with legalistic nonsense.

We can explain on camera things that would take pages to explain in writing. It's immediate and engaging and you are able to see the issues and remedy explanations visually. It's a highly effective way to get you the insights you need quickly in a buying decision. 

  • You access your report content from your own private media site
  • A typical report would be minimum 20 short videos and likely 40 or 50+ for larger properties
  • Photographs and explanations add context where necessary
  • Links to external video and content for explanation help you see a wider picture
  • A summary podcast brings all of the insights together so you listen to the survey findings in detail at your leisure
  • With unlimited talk-time included we'll speak with you on the phone as many times as you want to dicsus the details and implications

Video property survey inspection of a Maison de Maître one of 52 carried out for this inspection

Contact us for your Insight™ property survey

If you want practical advice from a team of property professionals involved in taking apart and re-building old French stone buildings every day of the week. Contact us.

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Experience led insights.

As experienced building project managers and property developers we’ve had more practical insight, sound advice and guidance from our French builders than we ever could have gleaned from most surveyors building survey reports - usually half-heartedly penned by a retired property surveyor between BBQ’s.

Nobody will understand the idiosyncrasies, nuances and details of a building like an experienced local builder steeped in the methodology and history of the property stock in the South of France.

We’ve seen surveyors reports full of omissions and lazy errors.

  • In one example the surveyor missed severe structural cracking, rising damp and ground heave. In 5 minutes we were able to diagnose the issue giving the client practical remedies and real building advice - not a fluffy report couched in the jargon of professional indemnity avoidance.

This valuable building survey service is available to prospective property buyers. If you want practical advice from a team of property professionals involved in taking apart and re-building old French stone buildings every day of the week. Contact us.

How much does it cost?

An insight™ renosud property inspection will cost 0.35% of the estate agents published asking price + TVA. For example, if the property is for sale at €500,000 the survey would be €500,000 x 0.35% = €1750 + TVA. Our minimum charge is €950 + TVA. 

Property survey showing weathering on stone walls

Property survey damp caused by water ingress

Property survey showing weak floor structure in an old stone village house

Fantastic service.

"Helped me make the best decisions for me and my daughter with regards to purchasing a property in France. I highly recommend them."

— J.A.