At renosud, we believe we can help your English speaking clients with impartial quality services that could help you be more successful. Just to remind you, there are three important services we offer:


What is it?
Renosud will inspect a property for an overseas buyer and help them understand the condition of the property. We can answer questions about renovation ideas and help them make a buying decision based on facts and experience. It's a comprehensive video report with podcasts and photographs.

How does it help you?
Foreign buyers can feel very nervous about buying property that needs renovation. No matter how good the estate agent - there's a limit to what a buyer will accept or even believe if you are selling the property. Buyers need an independent trusted source to help them understand the risks. With expert advice in their own language, buyers can make confident buying decisions.


What is it?
Renosud has a complete architectural planning service including planning permission management for PC's and DP's with no 170m2 surface plancher limit. We work with 3D modelling and online tools to design anything from simple and complex renovation to a complete Maison Individuelle - all managed online and remotely with clients from all over the world.

How does it help you?
Do clients ask you for help with architectural plans for a DP or PC, or do does a client need planning permission as a clause suspensive? You want to help them but your business is selling properties. Simply recommend us and we'll take care of the rest. We can help your clients overcome the barriers of planning permission in their own language. Remember, we provide comprehensive plans or help with a DP or PC as part of a clause suspensive.


What is it?
Renosud has a complete building project management service using quality garanti decenale insured French builders and artisans. We manage complex renovations for clients from all over the world using video, architectural plans and online tools. We can manage your client's building and renovation projects in their own language helping them feel comfortable and confident about committing to a renovation project.

How does it help you?
Clients will often walk away from a sale involving buildings works if they don't feel confident about how to manage building works in a foreign country. Renosud is a trusted expert, working in their own language and with a list of proven quality builders. Clients feel confident and more willing to buy knowing they are in safe hands with a legal contract and friendly experts to design and deliver their dream project.

How do you benefit commercially?

We are confident that with our range of services and unique method perfected since 2003 we can help your clients feel more confident and comfortable about buying in France.

What to do next?
You send internet link below to your clients which will direct them to a renosud website. We advise you to send it to your clients as soon as they engage with your agency. We know from experience that clients quickly feel relaxed and assured knowing that there's help in their own language. We will keep you informed of all contact and progress.