attic conversion to 2 appartments

attic conversion to 2 appartments


It's a sad reality that there are countless grand properties In France on the edge of existence. No longer loved, requiring often expensive and complex works they are sidelined by buyers and left to a slow decline.  In this case we worked with an English buyer to rescue this adorable small chateau. The attic was converted to two apartments, the entire internal space was renovated with modern bathrooms and a new open plan kitchen dining room was created. The roof was repaired and the entire facade made-good. The external spaces were landscaped and planted in a formal style and 13 x 6m heated concrete pool was built. It's a gem of a place in a stunning setting. Once again restored to its rightful place as the most important private building in this small village.

"Without foreign buyers and investors fabulous buildings would be lost, many French seem perfectly happy to allow their heritage to crumble around them and do nothing."

attic before conversion

attic conversion after



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