Shared ideas - one great proplan™ 

Renosud proplan is a set of architectural plans and supporting documents which capture and define your building project. Created from an extensive site survey proplan™ is a detailed document which sets out the building works in a language any competent French contractor can understand.

All our architectural drafting is done in-house to support our building project management service.

The drawn plans are at the heart of the design and renosud project management process. Even if your project is simple and small a proplan™ is essential because builders cannot be left to make decisions on their own. In the absence of a control process things go wrong. Contractors have to be told and shown exactly what to do.

Working in English makes the process easy for you removing the language barrier and allowing native and second language English speakers to fully engage in the process.

While this might be your first renovation, for renosud we’ve carried out many projects. We will share insights and ideas with you for maximising budgets, designing out problems and complications in the planning stage and adding value where it matters. We’ll share creative ideas to help design a stunning outcome.

Most people have an idea of what they want to achieve in a renovation but need help to explore the possibilities. After many different projects from new build construction to simple and highly complex renovations we are able to develop compelling creative and functional insight to your project.

renovation & extension of a COUNTRY house bring ELEMENTS together around a courtyard with a proposed extension, summer kitchen and making use of a MEDIEVAL oven as a feature pizza over

renovation & extension of a COUNTRY house bring ELEMENTS together around a courtyard with a proposed extension, summer kitchen and making use of a MEDIEVAL oven as a feature pizza over

3D modelling brings your design to life

More than just a two-dimensional drawing, proplan™ is also a three-dimensional model of the proposed renovation or new build project recreated from a detailed site survey.

Most people find it difficult to imagine the results but with renders and visualisations you and the project team can ‘see’ what the design should look like. With 3D visualisation you can 'fly through' your own design and experience the final result before costly construction begins.

Ideas can be shared using screen capture and screen sharing so you can explore ideas from anywhere in the world, you're just an internet connection away from your project content

What next and how much does it cost?

proplan™ is priced individually depending on the scope and size of your project. Before any price is quoted we'll want to talk with you or meet at the project site to explore the property and your initial ideas.

We will quote you a price for the design and proplan™ stage and we promise the price is fixed for unlimited revisions so you can be confident of the investment in advance.

The proplan™ stage is finished when you sign off the plan. We will normally go on to get accurate quotations, but this is carried out at risk by renosud and is not part of the proplan™ service. In most cases, we are happy to invest the time developing detailed costs since we go on to deliver nearly all  proplan™ projects we execute.

"You have to become a control-freak if you want to avoid costly errors and heartache. Do not be fooled by the sunshine, wine and smiling friendly French builders. This is business and your money is at stake. There's no shortage of people who want to part you from it."

Evolution from proplan™ to project management

When the design is finished, agreed and signed off this is the end of the proplan™ service and the project management service takes over.

  • Plan views, elevations, sections, electrical plans, plumbing plans, fixtures schedules and room data sheets all come together to form one consolidated suite of control documents to manage the works.

During the project management phase careful revision control tracks changes and even more detailed ‘sub-set drawings’ of areas requiring absolute mm precision such as kitchens and bathrooms are made. proplan™ with the project management detail added is a master working document absolutely essential to effective on budget project delivery.

Fully insured French builders

An experienced contractor will be involved to give advice and insights at a feasibility stage. We’ve found that collaboration is the best way to design out issues and get the best results, especially in renovation projects, which can be unpredictable.

Renosud contractors are tried, tested and very experienced; most importantly they carry the correct guarantees for total peace of mind.

Architectural building plans

Plans used for building projects are very different from plans required for planning permission.  There’s a lot more detail in a building plan that  builders need to build. The devil really is in the detail.

A  French builder will look to the plan for the exact position of walls and constructed elements. Electricians need to know the exact placement of plugs, switches and cables. Plumbers need to know exact position of fixtures fittings and utilities. Its a complex and demanding task to get plans correct, but in the end its the key  to success in any kind of construction project.

Because renosud work with clients from all over the world we’ve perfected a remote style of working using video, MP3 podcasts and a private media site.

You’ll find the experience of designing your project exciting and fulfilling because you can let go of the worry and uncertainty of the technical execution and concentrate on the result.

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