Over the first coffee people can see we love what we do. I don’t think you can fake that.
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The drive to work is simply breathtaking.

Caroline Maudet: Administrator & Miracle worker

Maturing slowly.

We started the business in 2003 driven by a love for this special place.

As property developers, our first projects were our own renovations. Like so many business histories we never started out to become the business we are today. We were quickly asked to produce architectural plans and to manage other people's building projects. Since then we have slowly grown. A kind of natural ripening in the Mediterranean sunshine. 

Today we engage in a wide variety of projects with overseas English speaking buyers and investors. Including video property surveys, architectural plans and full turnkey project management. Motivated and still passionate, it's a privilege living and working in such a beautiful part of the world. Every imposible blue sky day is a pinch yourself moment and reminds us that for most projects, our responsibility is helping people realise their lifelong dreams.

Over the years, we've worked hard to bring a rigor arguably unmatched by anybody else. Right from the start renosud has never accepted commission offered by contractors for placing work preferring instead to remain impartial, rising above local customs to remain focused on representing only our client interests. A very English way of doing things.

Our unique approach is now widely respected by French builders and contractors who know what renosud demand and expect. The result is high quality décennale guaranteed work you can totally trust.

Making things happen in the Mediterranean region is still a challenge and we won't pretend it's not sometimes grinding, but we wouldn't want to work anywhere else. The drive to work is simply breathtaking.

When renosud manage your project you can enjoy the process and excitement of designing and seeing your French property dream realised by a team of people who have lived and worked here since 2003. Not forgetting our most important Partners too, the French contractors, artisans and professionals who are proud to work with renosud.

With renosud and our wider team of artisans, contractors, advisors and strategic partners there’s no better team to get you there.

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sally clarke: PROJECT manager, client liason

Sally Clarke: Project Manager

Clive Palmer: Project Manager, Architectural Drafting

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Amanda Walden: Partner Support Manager